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Machine Embroidery TrainingThe SWF Repair DVD set goes without saying!  I have had nothing but 100% positive feedback on this DVD set.  I know, collectively, they have saved SWF owners thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs and down time. In all the years of commercial and home embroidery, there has never been a comprehensive repair video for any brand machine on the market. We all know that if something goes wrong with our machine (whether you are a small or large business) it can mean hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs, lost business and time. Even if you are under warranty, you may have to wait for a service tech and it could cost you a travel fee of at least $300. This repair training DVD shows you, step by step, how to repair most everything on your machine for $99!! But don't wait until something goes wrong this DVD set to learn how to properly maintain your machine - All Oiling points, all greasing points, all cleaning points are filmed in complete detail with the ability to pause, rewind, fast-forward and watch over and over again. At least 80% of the Repair videos apply to the compact machine since they have the same head, trimmer, motors etc - the biggest difference is the control panel (which has all the same functions, just in different places) Most problems happen in the trimmer, timing, embroidery head etc - this DVD set could save you a whole lot more than the price of this DVD, I guarantee it!!

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 Learn maintenance and repair

One small investment can save you thousands
Chapter List
* Introduction
* Greasing the cam
* Greasing the X track
* Greasing the Y track
Greasing the rail * Greasing the color change cam
* Greasing behind the embroidery head
* Changing a needle
* Replacing tension knobs
* Oiling the embroidery machine 1
Oiling the Rotary Hook

* Cleaning your embroidery machine
* Replacing the color change motor
* Trim solenoid removal/replacement
* Picker solenoid removal
* Picker solenoid installation
* Adjusting the Picker
* Jump solenoid removal/replacement
* Adjusting the trimmer
* Adjusting the trimmer throw
* Trimmer throw final
* Introduction to error codes
Error 100

* Error 200
* Error 300
* Error 600
* Error 602
 Wiper removal and installation
* Adjusting the wiper
* Removal and installation of wiper motor
Removing the pressure foot
* Installing the pressure foot
* Removing the needle bar
* Installing the needle bar
* Adjusting the needle depth
* Fine tune needle depth
* Removing the embroidery head
* Attaching the embroidery head
* Removing the reciprocator
* Installing the reciprocator
* Remove and install the encoder
* Replacing the potentionometer
Rotary hook preparation
* Removing the rotary hook
* Installing the rotary hook
* Hook timing
* Adjusting hook timing

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