Embroidery Industry Tips, The Great Debate, New Versus Used Embroidery Machines!

When evaluating your apparel decorating business objectives and needs, there is no more common a question than "Should I buy a new or used piece of embroidery equipment". If not to much consideration was taken, it would be easy to say buy a used embroidery machine like a Brother, Tajima, Barudan, Melco, Happy or SWF embroidery machine because it will definitely cost less than a new one. Or another train of thought on buying new versus used embroidery machines may be the simple fact you want to start with new embroidery equipment  so that you don't have to worry about how the previous machine was maintained? Did it get oiled properly and kept clean and in tune etc? Well just as in all debates, there are usually two good answers based on qualifications. The following offers a little insight into both sides of the New Versus Used Embroidery Machine debate.

When does buying a used embroidery machine make sense?

There are many factors to consider when buying used embroidery equipment, lets take a look at just a few. How old is the used embroidery machine your looking to buy? Are there new or used parts available in the market? Do you currently own and operate an embroidery machine, same brand or maybe this is your first machine? Are you more or less mechanically inclined, will the machine be installed by a factory technician? Is the machine still under factory warranty and if not is it being sold through an authorized agent of the brand?

After asking yourself these questions, you may strongly consider purchasing a used machine with no warranty or set-up, if you are already in the embroidery business and are more mechanically inclined than most and you have a source for parts for the machine and you are o.k. with taking a little risk in the transaction. You can reduce your risks by buying from a company that sells the same brand new or has a good reputation for supporting what it sells, offers set-up as an option and can give you a meaningful warranty. In addition, you can reduce your risk further by buying a used embroidery machine that has been gone through and warranted by an authorized agent.

When does buying a new embroidery machine make sense?

If you are just starting in the embroidery business, IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to either buy a new embroidery machine which will include all the things you will need such as training, support, start-up kits etc. If not a new machine, purchase your used embroidery machine from a company that can provide the same situation as if you were to buy a new machine (Even if the start-up kits, training and support are a little extra money). When you ask any embroidery business owner, they will emphasize how important and valuable that first exposure is to the embroidery business. It is in many cases the difference between success and failure of the business.

Used Embroidery Machines For Sale, Buy with Confidence!

Now that we have discussed some of the pros and cons of buying new versus used embroidery equipment, let's highlight what is most important in this process. If you decide that a used machine is for you, make sure it has some kind of real warranty. If it is factory certified, that's even better and the warranty should reflect the company's willingness to support what they call used and what would be considered certified pre-owned. The certified pre-owned machine should be updated within reason to the highest standards and run very similar to a new machine. Used, would imply "as is" and the probability of a cash and carry type of sale (only buy this if you are confident in your technical skills!). If you are new to the embroidery business or adding this to another business but have no prior embroidery experience, make sure the used machine you purchase can be sold with a "new" machine start-up package and support. Lastly, consider the long term costs associated with a used machine that has either a limited or non-existent warranty as it may very well cost you much more than a new machine in the long-run.

Happy Embroidering!

So next time you see that "used embroidery machine for sale" ad, think about the pros and cons. Make yourself a little checklist to confirm your getting the best used machine to fit your needs, with that you can buy with confidence! We hope these Tips helped

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