Chenille embroidery machine The market for chenille embroidery is well established and it’s expanding faster than ever. In addition to the traditional chenille patches for sports clubs, schools and teams, even businesses are looking to chenille to set their logo apart from the rest.

chenille embroidery trainingTraditionally, chenille has meant long delivery times, expensive extra equipment and limited creative opportunities. Some interesting chenille machines that are on the market are the ColDesi "Chenille Automatic Embroidery Machine." This all-in-one profit maker not only does chenille, but embroidery as well. Now you can tap into one of the most profitable and residual markets in the apparel decorating industry.

The demand for chenille embroidery is on the rise and Tajima makes it easy to get started in this lucrative marketplace with its complete line of chenille embroidery machines. Tajima-TCMX-602 chenille equipment

Designed with the operator in mind, these easy-to-use production intensive machines deliver the same lush high-quality chenille stitches traditionally produced by manual machines, but at much higher speeds and without the labor. Intricate designs created via a variety of stitch effects make it possible to re-produce virtually any logo in a chenille format, quickly, easily and accurately.

Unique production features and functions include:

• The industry’s highest chenille production speed – 750spm
• 6 color automatic thread change system
• Tie-off system to prevent thread from fraying
• Loop and chain stitches can be automatically swapped at the control panel
• Graphical full-color LCD Control Panel
• Supports Tajima Binary data Format (TBF) for improved design management
• Design data input via USB, Flash, LAN or disk

ZSK Chenille MachineChenille is an established market with great potential. With most traditional suppliers, long deliveries and limited creativity have been the norm. Now you can add a whole new dimension to your embroidery business with a product that is easy to manufacture and very profitable. ZSK's all new Chenille Machine - the JCK 0100 - 500 will make it happen.

Make great margins on chenille patches!
barudan chenille machineGet full on-site training from professionals that know how to produce the product and market the product..... Enjoy the power of German Craftsmanship. 
ZSK JCK 0100 uses air to auto feed the yarn after a color change and to automatically clean the yarn path of lint which creates minimal maintenance. Every JCK 0100 has a color monitor computer with full file retention and organization by school district, sport, etc for immediate online setup and recall. The hard drive will store thousands of files by file name or colored



Don’t miss out! The 3 dimensional look and feel of Chenille has expanded outside of the sporting goods market from high school sportswear to many new specialized apparel markets. Riding clubs, organized intramural clubs, alumni organizations to name a few. Now is the time to add a new look and feel to your existing embroidery business. Chenille is the answer!

Barudan's New Generation Chenille Machines offer the highest speed in the industry, so you can efficiently and reliably expand your product offerings! ...

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