Embroidery Marketing tip - Wear your work 

The number one rule in marketing your decorating business is wearing your work.  The second, is putting business cards in or on all of the products you embellish.  Advertising, in this industry, is a word of mouthSomething as simple as picking up your child at basketball practice can lead to thousands of dollars in sales

True Story

I picked up my kid at practice not to long ago, of course wearing my embroidered polo shirt with my business name and logo on it.  The coach saw my shirt and asked if I could give him a quote for 20 bags and hats embroidered for the team.  I gave him a price the next day and got the order.  When the parents saw the work and noticed my business card in the bag, they inquired about having shirts embroidered to support their kids and the team.   Now this is just the tip of the iceburg.

When team pictures came along, I took that team picture and printed it on a shirt using my DTG Printer and wore it to the game.  Parents saw it and couldnt resist.  I was taking orders in between innings.  One of the kids parents owns a car dealership in town and with all the commotion surounding me, inquired about making promotional shirts.  Before you know it, i'm delivering 500 printed t-shirts and getting connections with other dealers in the area.  The domino effect is endless and that steady stream of business came from picking up my child from baseball practice.  Any embroiderer or screenprinter who takes the time to make garments for themselves can tell the same.......It's as simple as wearing your work.

Lake George, NY